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Helen King
6 April 2011

SEDA is holding a reading group on the lunchtime of day 2 of its Spring conference (6th May 2011). The paper is:

Jones, Jennie(2010) 'Building pedagogic excellence: learning and teaching fellowships within communities of practice at the University of Brighton', Innovations in Education and Teaching International, 47: 3, 271 - 282

Routledge are offering free access to its education journals during April, so get hold of your copy of the paper from:

For those who can't attend, or anyone wishing to get stuck in before May, this forum is available for discussion on the paper. I am pleased to welcome the paper's author, Jennie Jones, to this discussion page and look forward to hearing more about her experiences with communities of practice.

Helen King (Reading Group Facilitator, on behalf of the SEDA Scholarship, Research & Evaluation Committee)

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Helen King
9:42pm 6 April 2011

Jennie, this is a great paper with some really interesting ideas.

I was wondering whether you felt there was any additional kudos or credibility attached to the name 'fellowships'? We have an annual Teaching Development Fund but there's no particular name given to the people who bid successfully. The term 'fellow' is a little tricky as we have job titles of 'Teaching Fellow' - however, it feels like the fellowship label is more powerful than simply 'project holder' or 'award winner' (the latter being slightly ambiguous as it sounds like a prize).

Celia Popovic
2:23pm 12 April 2011


Yes I found this interesting reading too. I am interested in the way the many (most) Teaching Fellowship schemes seem to combine reward/recognition of teaching excellence with access to funds for a project. Have we been conflating two different aspects of teaching excellence?

I am also wondering whether communities of practice that focus on the TFs only could be divisive, creating a two tiered system of those who are TFs and those who aren't. I'm not particularly concerned here about elitism, but rather about the effect on teaching and learning. Or is the effect of the community of practice to disseminate good practice more widely than would otherwise happen?


Brian Keith Jennings
10:39am 24 May 2011

Hi, I only just came across this. I must have missed the earlier announcement. Will there be any more online reading groups?

Brian Jennings

Frances Deepwell
9:26pm 26 May 2011

Hello Brian, 

Yes we hope to continue to develop the online reading group for SEDA using Cloudworks - this was our second attempt and so far we seem to be getting more face-to-face engagement, but we'll persevere. 

Frances Deepwell

Chair of SEDA Scholarship, Research and Evaluation Committee

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