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Open Nottingham 2011: The Learning Registry - Steve Midgley

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7 April 2011

Steve Midgley is the Deputy Director of the Office of Education Technology at the United States Department of Education. At Open Nottingham he introduced the "Learning Registry" to help educators to find the resources they need in the format they need it. 

What is the Learning Registry?

1. Lightweight API

2. No centralised infrastructure: no “off” switch

3. Control and accountability is local

4. No default winners: level the playing field

Digital learning resources are widely available, but hard to apply for teaching and learning. Educators and students already know about how best to use resources.

Users are leaving data trails but their usage data is often thrown away or locked up. Expertise is highly distributed. users are leaving data trails, but usage data is often thrown away or locked up. The universe of diffreent forms of data orbiting around learning resources. Types of data: paradata (data about data), metadata, analytical data, linked data, context all around the learning resource. A big opportunity in the education space to be able to go after this metadata & paradata and get value from it.

New services can include better discovery, recommendations, curricular integration and measurements of quality 

The developer should be able to take the prototype and build with it / over it. Let the community speak to itself through the timeline of the learning registry (common metadata timeline). 

Key messages:

  • Make possible a “do-ocracy” for those who run the project. Welcoming anyone who wants to make a difference.
  • Let the community speak to itself through the timeline of the learning registry (common metadata timeline)
  • Avoid bureaucratic heat death. Do as little as possible, as quickly as possible.
  • Investment of time is a strong currency in education. Time constraint for teachers to find the resources – make it easy for them. 

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