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Open Nottingham 2011: Open Nottingham - Wyn Morgan

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7 April 2011

We want to better understand what learning is like in universities and what teaching entails.

Why is Nottingham involved? (5-year strategic plan) Detailed outline of the way OER contributes to the work and mission of Nottingham University:

1. Social responsibility

2. Excellence in education

3. Promotional opportunities

4. Internationalisation

5. Cost efficiencies

Nottingham University working with student unions to better understand how students are using the resources.

Nottingham University has campuses in Asia and Malaysia – they dont have the same materials – the ability and opportunity to share materials across continents – make it openly available

Evidence that Chinese students are using the open materials to study at the NU campus in Ningbo

Nottingham Uni has two tools:

XPERT (harvesting OER engine)

XERTE (creating e-learning materials – open source tool) 

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