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Open Nottingham 2011: Lessons from Open Source Software Re-use - Greg DeKoenigsberg

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8 April 2011

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Greg DeKoenigsberg (ISKME OER Commons) talking about lessons from the world of open source trransferred to open education. How does online collaboration work? Where is the learning in this process. What he learnt by participating and collaborating around a community of 10,000 plus members. What he learnt from open-source and what he think about OER. How the lessons from open-source can be carried on to the OER movement.

Online communities of practice (taking Etienne's work on CoP): What is the domain? Participation is voluntarily – you must feel passionate about this. What is the community? The context in which your participants work together. What is the practice? The activies that move your participants closer to your golas)

The internet encourages the construction of endless communities of practice, serving vanishingly small domains. See entire worlds of people that you wouldn’t otherwise see.

What we conceive of as “the OER community” is actually a potential endless set of vanishingly small communities that all have different needs and priorities (Do we know enough about them?)

Talking about discoverability solutions that work: You need people to filter resources in the developed (1st world). 1st world problem too many resources / 3rd world problem not enough resources. 1st world needs people (eg people you follow and trust their opinion / judgement on twitter) to filter good/bad resources.

How can we leverage open content and infrastructure to build and service actual communities of practice?

The internet encourages the construction of endless communities of practice serving vanishingly small domains. Giving people new opportunities to be genuinely useful even in small ways is empowering in ways you wouldn’t believe. Micro-contributions from the wider open-source community is what makes it work. Empower users. That is the secret to the open source world!

Licenses are mechanisms that allow people to share. These mechanisms are essential to the sharing of source code. Economic value / user case studies of open source. These mechanisms may be incidental to the sharing of content.

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