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Student-Staff paired resource development

Example of resource development model Vetinary and Bio-environmental Sciences talk at NDLR symposium

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Chris Pegler
2 December 2008

Diane Cashman talking through Prof Stephen Carrington's model of staff and students working together to develop resources. This National Digital Learning Repository (NDLR) CoP supported this. Funded through student scholarships and resourced laptops. Huge response from staff and developed over the 10 week development. Students saw this as an opportunity to learn.


Really impressive range of resources.  Lots of variety and examples of development work beyond the institution. Had proposers from the UK and many others. 11 projects with non-profit collaborators as well (e.g. RSPCA, Irish Sea Sanctuary). Students travelled and attended conferences. Royal Vetinary College in London contributed a template.

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Gráinne Conole
10:30pm 2 December 2008

Hi Chris


sounds great, is there a URL link to this?



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