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Workshop 1 - Using Technologies in Teaching - June 10th 2011

Introduction to the face to face workshop

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Paul Mundin
21 April 2011

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The workshop will be held in the Michael Young building - rooms 1 and 2 on the OU's MK campus. if you have not visited the Milton Keynes campus before - transport details and maps can be found here. There is a large car park opposite the Michael Young building if you are arriving by car. We have arranged for workshop attendees to 'check-in' to the reception in the Michael Young building - rather than the main Berrill building reception to save a detour.

This face to face workshop is open to OU Associate Lecturers by invite only.

This workshop is based around a number of short introductions, activities and reflections exploring the theme: Using Technologies in Teaching.

The aims of the workshop are:

  1. To give participants an overview of new technologies and how they can be used
  2. To give participants the chance to critically review the affordances of technologies and their use in different contexts
  3. To enable them to reflect on the relevance and application to their own practice
  4. Exposure to a range of Learning Design tools and approaches

The workshop will be led by Rebecca Galley and Paul Mundin who are Learning and Teaching Development Project Officers in the Institute of Educational Technology's Learning and Teaching Development team.

The workshop will start at 9.30 and finish at 4.30 and lunch and refreshments will be provided.

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Genie Gabel-Dunk
7:42am 3 June 2011

I am just wondering if it might be possible for the ALs who have participated in this Learning Design training and attend the workshop on the 10th of June might be awarded a certificate of completion as a way of acknowledging their contributions.  This certification would then be something that could be used as evidence in the ALs professional development portfolio.

Paul Mundin
7:49am 3 June 2011

Hi Genie - the project has already planned to produce a completion certificate for the training - so I will be collecting addresses at the workshop.

Genie Gabel-Dunk
2:00pm 3 June 2011

Paul, I thank you for this speedy reply.  I look forward to the workshop next Friday.  Genie

Manfusa Shams
3:40pm 6 June 2011

Can I please ask if we will get any hard copy of this Learning design training module in the workshop?

Also, how long we will be able to access the cloud  after the workshop?


Rebecca Galley
5:02pm 6 June 2011

Hi Manfusa,

Cloudworks is open so you will be able to access the training Clouds for as long as you need to - they'll just stay up. I think a hard copy of the module is an excellent idea and I will run it past Paul to see if he thinks we have budget for it. An alternative might be that we embed a full copy of the training manual and you can then download it to your pc (instead of messing about with a cut and paste!)

I am really looking forward to meeting everyone at the workshop and picking up on some of the discussion themes started online.


Manfusa Shams
2:28pm 7 June 2011

Hi Rebecca,

Thanks so much for your reply.

Either option will be fine.

Looking forward to the meeting this Friday.



Isabella Brown
3:29pm 8 June 2011

A PDF of the whole course would be fine, no need to have a hard copy.


Liz Middleton
6:24pm 9 June 2011

Yes I agree that a PDF version would be fantastic to look over in more detail afterwards


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