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Workshop info: Disciplinary-specificity in university teaching

Information about workshop on 8th December 2008, University of Gloucester

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Chris Pegler
2 December 2008

Disciplinary specificity in university teaching:

Moving from conceptualisation to action
08 December 2008 – 12.15 to 15.45
CE102 in the CeAL Building
Centre for Active Learning,
University of Gloucestershire, Francis Close Hall, Swindon Road,
Cheltenham, United Kingdom
Presenters:               Dr Denis Berthiaume, Université de Lausanne, Switzerland
Dr Anna Jones, University of Melbourne, Australia and Visiting CeAL Fellow, University of Gloucestershire, United Kingdom
Discussant:                Professor Kerri-Lee Krause
                                    Griffith University, Brisbane, Australia
Chair:                          Professor Kristine Mason O’Connor
                                    University of Gloucestershire, United Kingdom
Duration:                     3 hours
The purpose of this workshop is to provide an illustration of recent research developments in the area of disciplinary specificity in university teaching, and to enable participants develop strategies for inclusion of these findings in their own practice (i.e. university teaching, academic development and/or higher education administration).The workshop will comprise two parts. The first will be a presentation of recent research developments in the area of disciplinary specificity with regards to university teaching. The second part will allow participants to reflect on the concepts presented in order to envisage strategies for their domain of practice.
This workshop is based on two qualitative studies which examined the importance of disciplinary specificity in teaching. The first study examines ways in which teaching is part of a complex social system.  The second study examines the importance of discipline-specific pedagogical knowledge (DPK) by presenting an empirical model that describes how higher education teachers draw from their knowledge base for teaching, the specific characteristics of their discipline, and their personal beliefs about teaching.
Cost including sandwich lunch - £30 (non-University of Gloucestershire staff). Cheques payable to University of Gloucestershire or please supply a purchase order number for an invoice to be raised.
To book your place please contact the CeAL Administrator, Barbara Rainbow –, tel 01242 714683

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Gráinne Conole
10:23pm 2 December 2008

thanks for this looks like a really useful, I know Denis he used to work at Southampton!

Is any of this going to be made available as a web caste for people who cant attend on

the day? Would be great if a cloudscape for this could be created so we can follow it.

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