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TCM Feedback: Building the Open University's Web of Linked Data

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Nick Freear
4 May 2011

LUCERO (Linking University Content for Education and Research Online — is a collaboration between KMi, the OU Library and the Faculty of Arts, working in partnership with many other parts of the OU in order to apply linked data technologies and principles to public information from the OU. Linked data relates to the principles and technologies to make data which might usually sit in dedicated repositories accessible and linkable on the Web. The aim of LUCERO is therefore to build, sustain and exploit a linked data platform exposing linked data from OU's repositories and research projects:

In this presentation, we will introduce the technical and organisational challenges related to setting up such a platform and populating it with data from a large variety of sources (Study at the OU, ORO, OpenLearn, Podcasts, databases from research projects, etc.) More importantly, we will discuss the benefits brought by the use of linked data in this context, both internally through better access to inter-connected information, and externally, through making our data reusable by others and better connected to others. We will in particular detail some of the applications that are being developed to support OU students and researchers with their use of public data.

Presenters: Owen Stephens (Library) and Dr Mathieu D'Aquin (KMi).

Date: 4 May 2011.

Twitter hashtag: #ouTCM

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Building the OU's Web of Linked Data - On Slideshare

Building the OU's Web of Linked Data - On Slideshare

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