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OCWC Global 2011: Mary Lou Forward update on OCWC

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Patrick McAndrew
5 May 2011

Now 266 members (43 new in the last year) and more than 18000 courses. Notable addition Community College Consortium for Open Education Resources deciding to merge its membership with OCWC. Membership rules also moving from course production to include support for the field.

Added project showcase and other community elements to the site. Including newsletter and blog.

Survey: - more users over 50 than any other categories (repeated on, awareness was low, need help to discover what is wanted. 

Next year's conference is from Cambridge (UK) linked with OER12 organised by The Open University.

Steve Carson: need to turn attention to the next 10 years as well as pay attention to celebration of the past 10 years.

Gary Matkin (Treasurer): OCWC budget draws on $500,000 from Hewlett to run for a total cost of $600,000 as a lean operation. In the future will need to operate without the grant so will need to diversify way the organisation supports and funds itself. 

Now started an open course catalog on OCWC. 

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