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Chapter 3 Related research fields (May 2011)

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Gráinne Conole
5 May 2011

This chapter describes a number of closely related research fields and how they have been used as a means of promoting more effective teaching practices. The chapter looks explicitly at the ways in which learning and teaching innovations have been promoted and supported. It considers the strategies that have been used to scaffold teaching practice to ensure effective use of good pedagogy and to promote innovative use of new technologies. Whilst not intending to be exhaustive it aims to give a flavour and overview of some of the approaches, before introducing learning design as an alternative approach. It is important to note that learning design as a methodology does not seek to replace these existing approaches, but instead intends to draw on them using a theoretical framework which focuses on the mediating artefacts used in learning and teaching (Conole, 2008). Learning design is intended to be a holistic approach, covering all stakeholders involved in the learning and teaching process. The approaches discussed in are:

  • Instructional Design
  • Learning Sciences
  • Learning Objects and Open Educational Resources
  • Pedagogical Patterns
  • Professional networks and support centres


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