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OCWC Global 2011: Openness in the Wasteland - OER in UK

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Patrick McAndrew
5 May 2011

David Kernohan on the potential impact of the change in the UK funding regime on UK HE. The pressures of the new funding are leading to changing to how universities compete (but not in a good way) and also what students value (also not necessarily in a good way).

Sheila Macneill update on the UKOER programme. An interesting new proposal call with submission in an open discussion system and with open evaluation. Evaluation of UKOER has found several drivers: recruitment, link to change, digital literacy, community outreach, student learning, a way to trasform culture, a way to preserve declining area, a way to create a learning community, mass participation.

Some negative findings: no observed use/adapt/share going on. David Wiley has referred to "dark reuse" as things that cannot be seen happening. But actually there is evidence of other sorts of reuse so would expect ot see this. DIYU - not in evidence either. These are nice ideas but not happening.

Models/scenarios for what might happen:

  • Status quo: OER enters the mainstream.
  • Open choice: Add on credits model
  • Collaborative University partnerships: OER based consortia (but much not shared)
  • Transformative model: a universality

So why do this:

There is a tranformational effec, there is wider societal and human good, localised and specific end user benefit.

  • If you measure reuse of your materials - how many reuses are enough?
  • If no-one reuses do you still benefit from open release?



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