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OCWC Global 2011: Open Education policy in Washington State

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Patrick McAndrew
5 May 2011

Tom Caswell on the policy moves that have led to adoption of a more open approach at Washington State. Credit given to Cable Green for leading the move towards this policy. Tom compared working on policy as Aikido - martial art based on working with the strength of your opponent.

Community college challenges: textbook costs, time to degree, student completion rates, high faculty turnover. Policy toolbox (OCWC has a toolkit that helps): legislative strategy, student advocacy and governance all worked together for them. 

Textbook costs: 1 course (English composition) has 47,000enrollments using $100 text book = $4.7m annual cost. If all state funded educational content was open access could start to make savings. Achieved by adding suggested ways to achieve existing goals through opennees. Partner with legislators who cared about the same things. E.g. add "consider least costly practices..." to infuse ideas of open education into legislation. State board now has specific CC-BY licence requirement as part of State Open Policy.

Gates foundation funding design of 81 high-enrolling courses using OER materials. Identify and fil the gaps (maximum text book costs <$30). Adopting CCOLI statistics course. Open Course Library.


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Open education policy in WA

Open education policy in WA

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