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OCWC Global 2011: Washington State Global Education and Open Course Library

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Patrick McAndrew
6 May 2011

Tom Caswell: introducing the Open Library work from Washington - see also . Had a "Quality Matters review process for the open courses, Accessibility design specialist, Literacy skills agenda, global education considerations.

Yongsheng Sun Global education:  Students need to be prepared to operate in a global world so have brought out this perspective in the course design. Approach is to incorporate and informed understanding of the connectedness and dependencies. Bring in other traditions where appropriate. 


Maintenance - part of openness is giving up control and allow a life of its own. BUT in adopting content for own system expect to have a maintenance cycle - not necessarily commissioned from original author.

Authoring approach is to build in the LMS - then export to other systems for external sharing. Trying to minimise the cost of sharing as primary duty to own students. 

Two institutional researchers are part of the project and will carry out comparison before and after looking for impact.

Surveys are in place to understand what is happening now.

Using open.michigan system to help track copyright materials - e.g. extract all images from powerpoint and flag for copyright issues.

"Sun model" for global education -  aims to bring out global view and help people reflect on what is needed.


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