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OCWC Global 2011: Foundation panel on OCW

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Patrick McAndrew
6 May 2011

Josh Jarret (Gates): relatively recent move to OER. Trying to level the opportunities in education and improve attainment. Keen on using disruptive element of technology and innovation to improve learning. Value in lower cost (need to know if it actually makes a difference), breadth of access, impact of use on impact. Also interested in Scale & Quality. Does Open help us scale - trying this with MITE and OLI. Make free so good that cannot keep it from the hands of students.  Not yet proven that open can do this - but has the chance to do so. Does open drive continuous improvement? Lacks the feedback - need more "Darwinism" in OER to help refinement happen. Can formative assessment drive search - help learners with problems get what they need? Know where the modules are that work and those that don't. Can learning outcomes be a natural selection device. 

Cathy Casserly:  Cathy now CEO in first three months at Creative Commons on a listening tour. CC now moving into the mainstream and education. Continuing infrastructure that helps avoid technical and legal impediments. Culture, education, science and open data are core areas. How to move into cycle of improvement? - open data.

What makes a good proposal? The sweet spot between what you really want to do and what foundations are looking to fund. Need to align the ideas with the strategies. Keep proposals short! Must have a tight narrative - think the person who reads it has to explain and convince to others.

Pedro: Why is OER so successful in Spain? Spanish education was already acting as consortium 5 years before the formation of OCWC. This could be a reason. Bank of Santander funds in a very open way (€120m /year - no ties to projects). Plus some magic! Recognise the global marketing opportunity and the glamour of OER. 44 out of 80 Spanish Universities now have OCW. Future direction of Universia - needs to figure out new strategic plan to work with other companies. 

Vic Vuchic: Are you happy so far? Yes! although - nervous as need to keep success going. Shifting strategy and economic times mean less foundation investment - but still growth in the activity. Hewlett refocus on infrastructure groups: CC, Connexions, OCWC. Move to sustainable and adaptive needed. Want OER in the mainstream and moved along the maturation curve. Move to active participating communities, embedding in institutions and become more deman led. Moving funding away from 4-year universities to community college and common curriculum (K-12). Globally - policy with UNESCO, OECD, Ministries; community; research - a few good studies can go a long way.


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