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OCWC Global 2011: Socializing OpenCourseWare with OpenStudy

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Patrick McAndrew
6 May 2011

Preetha introducing the idea of OpenStudy. Addressing the engagement issues. ?Students find much online learning boring - but are spending time on facebook, wikipedia and instant messenging for homework answers.

OpenStudy uses learning theories: Twigg, Fuchs, Lave & Wenger, Vygotsky. 

OCW+OpenStudy integration with real time feed of q&a from the OpenStudy appearing beside the OCW content. Generally some people on line (e.g 8 online in computer science at 6am this morning). A layer for e.g. maths allows cross-pollination with more than one resource linked to the problems. Reputation medals and badges for people who give good answers. Gives benefits in terms of greater time on site and better understanding of users.

To get OpenStudy on a site: Step 1: contact OpenStudy. Step 2: add widget. That is it! (Or adopt the educommons platform and it is built in.)

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Patrick McAndrew
3:32pm 6 May 2011


Not yet looked at characteristics for the courses - will do so with extra funding from NGLC.  (MIT getting around 25% of 12,000 students are active - similar to what actually happens in class).

Metcalfe's law - need the numbers to get interaction. Joining courses by topic is helping to give critical mass and jump start community.

80% of questions are answered - 70% in 5 minutes.


Preetha Ram
7:27pm 9 May 2011

Thanks Patrick.  OpenStudy is looking to partner with OER and OCW sites.  If you have content, OS can bring help to online self directed learners learning this material online.

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