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OCWC Global 2011: How to help teachers help learners learn with OER

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Patrick McAndrew
6 May 2011

Dave Pritchard - Survey on what teachers of Physics wnat to teach and what students want to learn. Not a good correlation. E.g. teachers like theory and sense-making don't like practical applications. Students are the opposite. In fact focus is on topics in any case!

Similar mismatch between College approach and Internet age behaviour. In addition what people actually want is personal help rather than content. So is OER "Digitizing the dinosaur".

Lessons from his teaching career: Answering questions right - does not mean student mental process resemble the teacher/expert one.

Data shows that copying homework hinders analytic learning - but not conceptual questions.  Shows that aspects are de-coupled from how experts expect learning to happen. Chi, Feletovich & Glaser (1981) - expert/novice mismatch. Declarative and procedural knowledge does not equal srategic knowledge.

Tackle with MAPS - Applied Problem Solviing. Three intensive weeks to improve from D to B. Approach to try to measure everything. An item Response Theory to get real-time feedback for student performance. Showed that MIT students come in more capable than the average but then fell down to the average after about 6 weeks. Instant feedback then enables to see how to improve things. Offer module and assets - with indication of difficulty involved - allow student choice. But know which pay backs - e.g. simulation v text v video. Choose your own homework allow mix and match easy (1 pt) - hard (3 pt) to make up 15 points of homework.


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