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IBLC11-General-Using Cloudworks at IBLC11

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Marija Cubric
12 May 2011

Cloudworks is an easy to use, open access and increasingly popular social networking site for Learning and Teaching.

The main motivation for using Cloudworks, is to provide our Conference delegates with an additional channel for discussing conference sessions, but also for discovering, sharing and exploring any other blended learning ideas, questions or experiences.

To start with we recommend you read the one page introduction to Cloudworks.  

The only small thing we would like to ask you is if and when creating new ‘Clouds’ in the Conference ‘cloudscape’, to please use the following simple naming convention:

IBLC11–<Abstract or Question or Generla or ...>-<Topic title>

as in the following examples:

IBLC11-Abstract-Using technology to make an existing effective assessment more efficient
IBLC11-Question-What are the principles underpinning good assessment
IBLC11-Question-What's your label? (Teacher, Facilitator, Academic...?)

Looking forward to talking to you in Cloudworks!

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