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IBLC11-Abstract-Research study on video and audio podcasting on a large under graduate final year module

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Nannayi Dakat
13 May 2011

Author: Mr Hajrë Hyseni


This paper considers the increased use of podcasting (over a four year period) on a large (320 plus students) under-graduate final year module. Online questionnaires were undertaken in each of the last three years of the study to ascertain the student's perception of the podcasting on their learning experience. The results show that in all of the three years most students believed their learning experience had been enhanced by the podcasting. Although the study investigated student results (coursework and examination) it is argued that attempting to correlate student results with podcasting is problematic. Given some universities are attempting to increase the amount of distance/blended learning they undertake (including initiatives such as iTunes U), and given their desire to enhance the student learning experience, this paper argues that more module's/universities should be using podcasting.

Keywords:  videocast, audio podcast, podcast, learning and media, blended learning, universities, students

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