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IBLC11-Abstract-The Use of Podcasts for Teaching Finance to Business Studies Students at the University of Ulster, Belfast, Northern Ireland

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Nannayi Dakat
13 May 2011

Author: Mrs Mary Kelly



Business students have historically found finance and accounting a very difficult subject area, and in particular, developing the skills and confidence to evaluate, and present a range of financial options.  Students learning preferences have changed and with increasing demands on students’ time, the teaching team on the Managing Business Finance module recognised an opportunity to further support students in their learning with the selective use of podcasts. The Managing Business Finance is a core final level module on the full time business studies degree with a current enrolment of 121 students. The objective of the podcasts was to provide an opportunity for the students to learn in their own time and environment at an appropriate pace.

Experience and findings

This paper will consider the challenges faced by the teaching team in developing the confidence and skills necessary to develop appropriate podcasts and the initial difficulties encountered by the students. The students’ feedback was in the form of focus groups in week 5 and a student questionnaire completed in week twelve.  The findings from the student feedback will be discussed.

Relevance for future research and/or practice

As nearly 80% of students surveyed indicated that the podcasts helped their learning, and with 98% of students surveyed expressing a desire for additional podcasts across all modules, particularly in the accounting and finance modules, these research findings could be seen as a positive example of the use of podcasts in supporting students’ learning. 

Keywords: Use of Podcasts for Teaching Finance

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