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IBLC11-Abstract-INTEGRATE: INTerlinking and Embedding GRaduate ATtributes at Edinburgh Project Report

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Nannayi Dakat
13 May 2011

Author: Dr Jessie Paterson


This project uses the PebblePad e-portfolio to embed graduate attributes and their link to employability into three distinct degree programmes, spanning UG, PGT and PGR levels with links to professional practice where relevant. From these case studies it is hoped that the lessons learned and principals developed can be rolled-out wider within the University. For each strand the principal aim is to ensure our students graduate with awareness not only of their academic achievements in their chosen discipline but also of the core attributes, skills and abilities they have developed throughout their time at University – essential as they seek employment or move to further study.  Student engagement is key element of this project as are links to the University’s employability strategy.  This is reflected in the project team which includes the Students’ Association, members of the Employability Strategy Group as well as practitioners in the three areas.  The three areas are: -

UG: Undergraduate Academic Skills and Graduate Attributes (Divinity) – this strand is building a framework for embedding graduate attributes within Divinity's existing online academic skills course, using PebblePad. Focussing on this compulsory, first year course ensures students are introduced to the key concepts early in their academic career and pathways put in place to encourage on-going engagement.

PGT: Professional and Personal Development course (MSc Advancing Nursing Practice) - this strand will focus on templating and modelling an already highly successful implementation of embedding PDP within a degree programme. This will provide guidance and provides an insight into the challenges associated with blending University graduate attributes with professional competencies in PDP.

PGR: Principal's Career Development PhD Scholarships - this strand will focus on recording and reflecting on individually tailored career development activities for doctoral students, using PebblePad, to help research students to identify and plan for progression and deepening of their experience during their PhD. This includes areas of teaching expertise as well as public engagement – key areas as students move into academia.

Keywords: PDP, employability, graduate attributes, e-portfolio

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