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IBLC11-Abstract-Using the JISC Steps towards effective technology-enhanced assessment and feedback to support institutional enhancement of assessment and feedback

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Nannayi Dakat
13 May 2011

Author: Dr Neil Witt


Within the UK Higher Education sector, there continues to be a significant discrepancy between learners’ generally positive experience of the teaching they receive at university and the subsequent assessment and feedback of their learning, with which they are far less satisfied (National Student Survey, 2010).  Amongst University of Plymouth taught students there has been a measurable decline in the level of satisfaction with assessment and feedback within the past year.

Assessment is recognised as being a powerful driver of learning (Biggs, 1999; Boud et al, 2010) and high-quality ‘actionable’ feedback is valued by students (Black and Wiliam, 2009) who would like it to be clearer and more timely (2010 National Student Survey). It is therefore difficult to overstate the importance of getting it right, in terms not only of the student experience of assessment and feedback, but also of the quality of learning and achievement of high academic standards.

At the University of Plymouth a JISC Building Capacity project has enabled us to focus on seeking solutions to the challenge of assessment and feedback through the considered use of technology to support innovative approaches to both formative and summative e-assessment. In this process we have found it useful to apply the JISC: Steps towards effective technology-enhanced assessment and feedback (JISC, 2010) in expressing our current practice, identifying our needs and envisioning our future.

This paper gives a brief account of that process, what we have learnt so far and where we go from here.

Keywords: CAA, e-assessment, building capacity

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