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IBLC11-Abstract-E-learning design and implementation; the student perspective.

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Nannayi Dakat
13 May 2011

Author: Ms Victoria Stringer



It appears that most E-learning case studies revolve around group work, team building and the integration of social to the classroom; but how does that help a student who is not on a course that utilises group work? Or students who are isolated from the majority of their cohort, perhaps through illness or something as simple as distance or the fact that they have one to one tuition? This presentation is from my outlook as a final year student.

I have participated in a 'Change Academy for Blended Learning Enhancement' (CABLE) project and this experience piqued my interest in the field of E-learning technologies and the challenges it represents to both staff and students. I also have the additional perspective of suffering from a disability that makes traditional classroom tuition a struggle on occasion and the blended learning approach helps me to overcome this obstacle.

Main premise/ ideas

The CABLE experience has proven to be beneficial in my degree (BSc IT Web Based Systems) not just in my final year project but in other modules too. I have been able to share my expertise in E-learning technologies to both my peers and my project client. This presentation will talk about what tools, techniques and resources have been useful and why, from a personal point of view and from the experience of my peers, both in supporting group work and individual study. It will also show which had the most uptake and explore the reasons why.

Relevance for future research

Students can often be a teacher’s best resource when it comes to understanding what would make for a successful approach to blended learning; this presentation will inspire you to find ways in which to engage your students through the use of technology.

Keywords: Blended learning, Student experience, E-learning technology

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