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Learners reshaping learning landscapes: new directions for old challenges?

H Owen paper at Ascilite08

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Gráinne Conole
3 December 2008

Designing and integrating ICT enhanced learning and teaching

There are numerous process modes and frameworks developed

to scaffold the process of designing and/or adapting curricula

to exploit the under utilised potential of ICT



  1. Pragmatic issues
  2. Design models  are too mechanical
  3. Gap between teachers hopes and educational outcomes (Goodyear)
  4. Design quality varies
  5. There is still a tendency for technology to drive


The ICTELT process model

It has an iteractive structure that remains flexible enough for practitioners to

blend the approach of their choice while also encouraging the alignment of pedagogical

perspectives and practice. The guided questions and scaffolding are designed to form a basis

for collaborative discussion of design choices, ICT tool selection, and the complexity

of incorporating a range of pedagogical apraohces with a variety of tools.



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Presentation on slideshare


Collaborating by design wiki site

(Username: efest2008, password: efest2008)



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