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IBLC11-Abstract-Enhancing the Wellbeing of the University (and employability, and professional development, and portfolios, and...).

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Nannayi Dakat
16 May 2011

Author: Ms Annette Odell


This case study describes a number of interrelated projects currently running within the University of East London where students and staff are collaboratively involved within the project teams. These projects include the specification of the project content, to the creation of digital assets for the project, to evaluation and dissemination. This produces a 'joined up writing' within education where our students develop professional experience and employability skills related to their area of study as well as, in these straightened times, contributions to an income that helps to fund their study.

The highly innovative ‘virtual  exhibition area' allows students to record key events and artefacts that can be drawn on at various levels within the university, from students creating and later making  their private portfolios available to prospective employers, to Corporate Marketing drawing on public virtual exhibitions and  individual pieces of work marked under a Creative Commons License for publicity purposes. The software business behind this exhibition area, StickyWorld, was hot-hatched within UEL’s own Enterprise Programme and now runs as an independent business within UEL’s Enterprise Development, Knowledge Dock.

The two case studies that we would like to focus on here are perhaps the ‘orphaned’ by most universities. That is, that they are not perceived to deal with the prime concerns of students in relation to teaching, feedback and assessment - and therefore liable to be cut. The first is Wellbeing within Student Services, and the second CPD in the use of learning technologies. Both presented us with the challenge of sustaining our services effectively.  We believe that we have met some of these challenges very effectively with the help of our students. And that you can too.

Keywords: student engagement; enhancement; employability; innovation; collaboration; change.

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