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IBLC11-Abstract-HELP ME - Mobile Enhanced Higher Education Launch Pad

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Nannayi Dakat
16 May 2011

Author: Miss Julie Murphy


Background and context

Current Government policy states that all child care practitioners in every child care setting must have a degree level qualification by 2015.  Early years sector historically do not find it easy to access HE due to lack of support and resources to study at Level 4.  Students often feel unprepared for the level of academic work required at HE.  Barnet College has 25 students studying Level 3 Early years.  These are community based practitioners, working village halls and community centres, they have few work based study resources and minimum internet access.  They lack confidence in learning due to educational background and in 2009/10 there was nil progression from Level 3 to Level 4. In order to facilitate at least a 25% progression in 2010/11 a task driven mobile technology project was developed to scaffold study skills and enhance personalised learning, providing a taster for Level 4 learning.

All students have felt supported by the project, utilising converged multimedia mobile tools to capture lecture notes and develop critical thinking and evaluation.  IT skills have increased along with collaboration as students have shared work via Facebook/e-portfolio as well as keeping individual personal records on their own mobile.  Reference to mobile notes outside of class have increased confidence in learning and achievement, increasing interest in progression.  Students with particular learning needs have an additional tool to enhance their study and some have reviewed their use of text language, nurturing the habit to write correctly.

Relevance for future research and/or practice

Insert mobile study skills into all HE programmes, perhaps scaffolding with mobile apps for iphone or android platforms.

Keywords: mobile study skills personalised confidence progression

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