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IBLC11-Abstract-It’s a DODL: Developing Online Distance Learning Open Educational Resources (OER) to Support 21st Century Curriculum Design

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Nannayi Dakat
16 May 2011

Author: Mrs Danielle Hinton


Having access to curriculum design resources is a fundamental way in which any University can support quality enhancement. The Delivering Online Distance Learning (DODL) project (Jan to July 2011) aims to explore one sub-set of curriculum design and development. ODL is defined as any programme or element thereof which "has a significant component delivered to students online and at a distance" (HEFCE, 2010). We define "distance" in terms of this project as learning that incorporates some time or geographical distance barrier (this includes placements, work-based learning, year-in-industry as well as shift patterns for postgraduate students).

Embedding into practice requires uptake from education decision makers and champions responsible for individual programmes and School and College strategies. This requires us to 'demystify' ODL so that it becomes a viable and attractive alternative to campus based education. We aim to encourage innovators and enthusiasts and inform, influence and inspire opinion leaders by providing an online resource (that is easy to use and freely available to university staff and the wider HE community) and a framework of models (that will enable programme leaders to adopt ODL). 

We will be sharing lessons learnt and a selection of resources from Phase One of the project which aims to:

• audit ODL informed by current pedagogical practice, research and innovation, both at the University of Birmingham and more widely

• work towards establishing the structures that will allow the development of a resource (including ODL models, key resources, guidelines, templates, lessons from within current practice) supporting the broader curriculum design process

Keywords: Online Distance Learning, Curriculum Design, ODL models, Enhancement, Blended learning, OER

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