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IBLC11-Abstract-Supporting development of blended learning across an institution.

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Nannayi Dakat
16 May 2011

Author: Ms Jacqui Nicol


The Robert Gordon University was a participating institution in the 2009-10 Higher Education Academy (HEA) Enhancement Academy Programme. The ENABLE (Enhancement Academy for Blended Learning) Programme applied the HEA change model to capture the experience of a variety of blended learning projects across the institution.

Supported through engagement with the 2009-10 HEA Enhancement Academy programme, key features of the ENABLE Project were to:

- Consider opportunities for blended learning in the light of an earlier mini eLearning benchmarking exercise.

- Support the University to identify new approaches to learning and course design using technology that will be suitable for adoption in our new campus development.

- Provide focussed development and support services for academic course teams to help them transform their course or module into blended learning formats appropriate to their discipline.

- Develop a practitioner network to allow the sharing of experience between blended learning course teams.

- Evaluate the blended learning projects from staff, student, technological and institutional perspectives.

- Make recommendations to our senior management on institutional change and enhancement required for the sustainable development of blended learning.

This virtual poster provides an overview of the individual blended learning projects implemented as part of the ENABLE programme and contains staff and student perspectives on their blended learning experience.

Keywords: eLearning, institutional change, blended learning

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