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IBLC11-Abstract-Chauffeured Learning through Assessment Design: A Conceptual Framework

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Nannayi Dakat
16 May 2011

Author: Dr Martina A. Doolan


Given the noted importance of assessment and the significant role it plays in the teaching and learning process, this paper presents a theoretical framework which encompassed an active learning environment driven by an assessment design and resulted in the development of the shamrock conceptual framework. The framework comprises an active learning environment which combines theory and practice and has been developed and tested for over five years in varying disciplines in Higher Education. This has resulted in developing a strong commitment to learning amongst students, fostering an ethos of collaboration with students actively involved in peer and self review - a well supported learning environment that is learner centric.

The framework is deeply rooted in sociocultural and dialogic theories in the existing literature notably social constructivism, social learning cognitive theory, collaborative, group learning and community of practice theory. The framework shows the interdependency and interactions between pedagogy, the tutor and learner in the learning, teaching and assessment nexus and how together these result in co-constructed knowledge, a sense of belonging, reciprocity, dialogue, participation and the zone of proximal development.

The shamrock framework is situated in the context of changes currently taking place in Higher Education. The framework will open up new ways of helping tutors to consider their role in the use of technology in the teaching, learning and assessment nexus.

Keywords: Assessment for Learning, Conceptual framework, technology, tutor, pedagogy, co-constructed

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