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IBLC11-Abstract-Using the Staff Knowledge Management Toolkit to Enhance Learning Supporting you in developing the curriculum

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Nannayi Dakat
16 May 2011

Author: Catherine Tong


Information Hertfordshire (IH) Knowledge Consultants have developed the Knowledge Management Toolkit to support staff in their teaching, learning and research roles at the University.  Knowledge Management is defined as “the acquisition, storage and transfer of knowledge within an organisation”, and this Toolkit provides easily accessible, modular information designed to assist staff in their work developing relevant blended learning materials to enhance the experience of students at all levels. 


The Toolkit includes links to recommended resources, both subscription and freely available, which have been evaluated by IH staff.  Academic staff will find The Support for Module Planning Guide particularly useful as it provides clear instructions on how to embed selected links to online materials in their module pages, thus providing targeted resources for their students.   Links to internal and external sources of information are easily accessible, enabling staff to find the materials they need quickly and efficiently.  This help with resource discovery and embedding various material types – videos, i-skills materials and other Open Educational Resources - has been found to be a welcome tool in curriculum development.

For new staff or visiting lecturers, the Staff Knowledge Management toolkit provides a “getting started” section with basic details, which enables them to use services quickly.  There is also a brief overview of the main corporate enterprise systems and online services currently being implemented by IH on behalf of the University. 

The Toolkit was piloted with academic staff and their suggestions were incorporated into the final version. Initial feedback has shown that staff welcome this Toolkit, as it enables them to access relevant information from just one discovery point and provides them with the necessary support and technical advice to develop and enhance new courses.

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