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Recipe Exchange at Spacex Exeter

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Will Pollard
16 May 2011

The exhibits are photos and video from previous meetings around recipes. Some are about cooking but other topics are included. This started in the village of Farringdon. There is an online version and a post box in the gallery. So till 9th July there could be more recipes and more responses.

Learning is possible as recipes are amended. My own suggests that a walk to the coast via the river Otter is quite easy as most of East Devon is flat.





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Will Pollard
3:50pm 25 May 2011

I have added slides by Graham Dean on using the Arduino prototyping system. His approach of "sense-think-act" is presented as aesthetics. Maybe patterns just appeal as such. It certainly gets to a result.


Will Pollard
4:16pm 25 May 2011

I have added a book by David Gauntlett. He will be speaking at Spacex on 16th June 7-8pm free

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