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Student Finance in England 2012 -2013: Invigorating Interest in Higher Education

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Dr Deirdre Hughes
16 May 2011

A letter from the Ministry communicating the student finance package for 2012/13 onwards.

Clearly, this government has realised that its communication exercise on student tutition fees has failed thus far. Immediate action is being taken to try to rectify the problem.  Is it too late? Has damage been done to the reputation of going to university and the associated short, medium and long term costs?

What role can careers professionals best perform in communicating the added value returns of a higher education experience juxaposed other learn and earn options?

Visit the link and consider will the content of this letter make a difference? Maybe what's needed is more innovative ways of working with parents to dispel the myths. How should be be tackled - let's share ideas and see what happens.

A starter for ten - www. 

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Rich Taylor
17:09 on 3 September 2011

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