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Speakers4Schools initiative

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Dr Deirdre Hughes
19 May 2011

Speakers for Schools is a not-for-profit, online network of voluntary speakers dedicated to giving back to schools through free, inspiring talks for students.


Speakers for Schools aims to provide state schools with access to a fantastic network of speakers who are willing to give inspirational talks to young people for free.

These speakers address the big subjects: technological, scientific, political, economic, historical, cultural, artistic, ecological and ethical.They are people who will be able to explain the latest developments in areas such as business, cosmology, biology, medicine, linguistics, history, engineering, inter alia. 

The speakers intend to open new perspectives, illuminate learning and increase young people's motivation and aspirations.

This initiative, led by Robert Peston, BBC reporter, is truly impressive! He believes that young people outside of private sector schooling deserve the same rights to have access to truly inspiring speakers and he doesn't mean only the A grade pupils..........

So how is this different? Well, it's co-ordinated at a national level; it's captured the interest and engagement of leading figureheads from education and industry; and it's driven by a strong desire to tap into young people's imagination on future careers. They have all agreed to give their time for free to help inspire young people and help broaden horizons, open new perspectives and illuminate learning - WOW!


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