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Horizon report - australia

Future technologies forecasting report

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Gráinne Conole
3 December 2008

Philip Long has been talking at Asilite 2008 on the Horizon report - Australia


Based on use of the delphi method, the Horizon report Australia report gives an outline of

future technologies that are likely to have a significant impact.


12 months or less
1. Virtual worlds and other immersive environments -  Koru, representation of NZ and its environment characteristics
2.Cloud-based applications, virtual computers for K012 –

2-3 years
3. Geolocation
4. Alternate input devices for example Microsoft surface,com/surface
tourchlight “eon reality” take your hands and rotate objects round in space

4-5 years
5. Deep tagging tools Viddler, SWFAdress. Gotuit
6. Next generation mobile devices, laptop may become a thing of the past
MyCloset – Adroid App 


In comparison the USA list is:
1. Grass roots video
2. Collaborative webs
3. Mobile broadband
4. Data mash ups
5. Cognitive intelligence
6. Social operating systems


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Gráinne Conole
3:00am 4 December 2008

Yep - well spotted John - I agree with you!!! Great to meet you at Ascilite - hope to catch up

again soon.

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