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Destructive Testers Wanted

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Adelaide Rodell
22 May 2011

In an attempt to use some of my newfound H800 learning I am attempting to make a change to my existing traditional (read boring) lessons to ones which involve the use of a wiki.  Based on an idea by a fellow H800er I’ve produced a compendium design which I submit to the Cloudworks community for full destructive testing.  
The activity asks work placement students to each bring an issue/problem (which they are comfortable with) to the wiki, select one for discussion, identify the best solution and then possibly implement solution/practice back to workplace.

Any advice would be much appreciated. Has anyone tried this type of design in practice?  Are there flaws to pick up on? Should other technologies/wiki features be incorporated?
Thank you

From May 22, 2011

To edit or extend this design, save this activity file to your computer, then load it into CompendiumLD using the 'File->Import->Learning design file..' option to import the .zip file

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Larson Reever
3:51pm 2 May 2017

I am currently a student (and lecturer) and learning about blended and online education. I have found your postings very interesting and I'm following up the links in  Social Media: a guide for researchers. Thanks for sharing your ideas.

maria lora
4:24pm 7 July 2017

I found it valuable the wiki activity related to learning theories'' entries, but what could it become if developped as a public wiki, such as Digital Research Tools? Outside the comfort zone of a course's VLE there is more responsibility, more competition.By the way, I would share with you a couple of tools developed by my research team with this regard which are currently under development.untill then we are working on a very unique project named qwikfix asos

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