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What synergies can we identify? (afternoon session)

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IET Research
23 May 2011

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Group 1:

(some projects don't need to work with others)

Two main things projects can learn from each other: tools and methods main things, not content.

Eg iSpot, OTIH, PI are 'building things' in science domains, so could they be linked by discipline

Group 2:

Policy issues/dimensions

Open themes - and some of the tensions therein

Understanding patterns of learning activity in various settings

Re-evaluating and revalueing openness

From project to educational research

Video evidence methodologies

From openness to accreditation

H807R - research questions

Group 3:

See comment below from Chris Jones

Group 4:

See comment below from Patrick McAndrew




Martin Weller
14:03 on 24 May 2011

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added by Patrick McAndrew

Linked themes

Linked themes

added by Patrick McAndrew


Chris Jones
1:36pm 24 May 2011

The Grumpy Group

  • Looking for synergies depends on the perspective
    • Within IET
      • Social forms of learning
      • Informal learning
      • Relationship to policy?
  • Funding as driver - are there potential sources of funding/ways of accessing funds
    • OER has  large access to funding
    • Restrictions on RC money and bids
    • EU funding- Framework 7 - need to be putting partners in place now
  • Relationship to wider OU objectives e.g. social justice?
  • External relationships
    • Wider research agenda
  • Intellectual motivations
    • Methods
    • Development of technologies
    • 'Hot topics'
    • Myth bustings

Patrick McAndrew
1:41pm 24 May 2011

Key to figures (above) - thematic groupings of projects with tags for applied to teaching (T) or to society (S).

Rebecca Ferguson
1:53pm 24 May 2011

Group in the Corner

Overlapping sets

  • Communities
  • Tools
  • Evaluation
  • Domain knowledge (particularly science)

Other key areas:

  • OU partners
  • Communities
  • Networks
  • Affect
  • Motivation/Engagement
  • Impact
  • Learner Experience
  • Learning Design
  • Lab-based Research

Areas that we aren't covering to the extent we could:

  • Teaching
  • Policy makers
  • JLB lab-based research

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