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What projects could they lead to? (afternoon session)

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23 May 2011

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Chris Jones
2:29pm 24 May 2011

pull together the projects in relation to the headings

(element of seripendity to conciving/funding projects)

Ideas for projects

* understanding informal learning and moving between formal and informal

* challlenge the notion that informal learning can be replaced with informal learning (i.e. the assumption that students are intrinsically motivated).

* 'better, quicker, feedback is the only game in town'????

* the social and academic integration of learning'

* 'its all about learning'

* ' irs all about outcomes'

* 'education leads to employment''

* 'sustainable education decreases umemployment'

* 'education is the new mortgage'



Rebecca Ferguson
2:43pm 24 May 2011

Review of what various projects have come up with under the heading of informal learning, and the realtionship between formality and informality. Relates to an implicit myth that if you can only harness 'natural' ways of learning, you will find a quicker / chaper / easier way of providing formal education.

Boundary crossing that takes place when students move from fairly conventional VLE to MOOC and outside world and back again. What happens to students' sense of who they are, what they are doing and the meaning of the activities they are undertaking? Could we have an inquiry-led module design?

An economic / socio-economic / structural analysis of Open Educational Resources. Are these having the socially advantageous effects we would want? What are the practical effects of OERs?

Situated Learning Using Mobile Practices (SLUMP). Go beyond open content to models of open learning based on ubiquituous / mobile devices. Some personalisation settings on those devices, some analytics data based on usage in the world, and align with organisations' agendas.


Martin Weller
11:11am 25 May 2011

Rebecca has beaten me to it in summarising the three projects. I can give the votes though:

Informal learning review: 21

Enquiry led module design: 16

Economic/Social analysis of OER: 12


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