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Minutes: Disabilities Panel Meeting 26/05/2011

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Emma Johnstone
27 May 2011

Minutes: Disabilities Panel Meeting 26/05/2011


GMPD Scotland. Present: Joan Foulner (chair), Fiona McDougall (treasurer), Angela Turner (coach), Emma Johnstone (general), Sarah (Scottish Gymnastics).


Apologies: Kirsty Sime, Clare Muirhead.



Minutes of the previous meeting had been circulated and were agreed upon. As was the fact that Joan was much missed at the GMPD Scottish NDPs!



Main Agenda:


  • The dates of both Scottish comps next year need to be rearranged:


24/03/2012 has been proposed for the Scottish NDPs. The Glasgow schools Easter holidays begin 4th April so this shouldn't be a problem.

Joan had previously suggested 17/03/2012 (via email 04/04/2011) – has this been found to be unsuitable?

British NDPs are scheduled for the 22/04/2012.


13/10/2012 has been proposed for the Scottish Voluntaries. This is the first weekend of Glasgow school holidays (October week). I think this would be fine...


  • There is a GMPD British Training Camp in Poole 10/2011 from around the

24th as it runs up into the British Voluntaries on 30/10/2011. International delegates have been invited. A BG 'Disabilities Add-on Module' may be taught during this time.


  • This Panel is unclear on whether a letter has been sent to SG re. Concerns that

some gymnasts who should compete at the Scottish competitions do not, but choose to compete at the British. There has been no response so presumably no letter was sent. Emma will write and send this with a view to encouraging participation by the end of this year.


  • The Pat English Shields are to be given out at the Scottish GMPD Voluntaries 2011.


  • Angela Turner (coach) and Jonathan Mackie (gymnast) are both attending the

    Special Olympics in Athens next month – good luck from all of us! Angela is a team coach for the event.


  • Jonathan has also been awarded £1000 from Scottish Sports Aid – a huge

bonus! AND a trophy at an awards night from South Lanarkshire Council.


  • Clare Muirhead is now running GMPD classes in Meadowbank and building

up the clientele – congratulations!


  • The sketch 'Draft of New Code of Points' has received several comments

from various people, many of which Angela compiled into a report for the relevant Panel. This was well received and changes are to be made to this document. We await further news.


  • It has been proposed that a GMPD British competition be held in Scotland.

The panel are generally in favour of this. Most elements of how this would function are currently vague i.e. how much money would BG put towards this event, and under what conditions; when would this be – coinciding with Commonwealth?; What size of event would this be?


Venues with significant spectator space were speculated upon: Largs, Peake, Cumbernauld, Inverclyde...


Angela posited that this be held as a training event should a competition not be viable, thus reducing the need to accommodate spectators.


  • Angela and Fiona will look into doing the tutoring course for the BG

'Disabilities Add-on Module'. Emma would also be interested in this.


  • Scottish GMPD gymnasts performed well at the British NDPs with everyone

passing their grades and Ramsay Meiklem and Jane Breaden receiving a merit pass. City of Glasgow won the Men's and Women's Regional Shields.


  • Fiona knows of a gymnast considering transferring to GMPD from

mainstream. Angela invited Fiona and the parents to correspond with herself and attend/visit classes at Bellahouston.


  • Sarah asked for suggestions on how best to support and promote the Panel. It

was generally felt that raising awareness of GMPD gymnastics classes, competitions and structures as much as possible would aid the work of all panel members and increase the numbers of GMPD gymnasts.


  • It was proposed that a GMPD demonstration be held at the Ayrshire Festival

11/2011. Also, possibly an SEN schools' competition or general/mainstream schools' competition where each team has a GMPD member. Angie, Clare and Emma currently work in GMPD schools and it is felt that Mrs Keyes would likely provide a team from her school. Sam Langstaff was mentioned as currently being more involved in GMPD work lately.


  • It is noted (again!) that the members on the current Panel have served their

time in legislation but not in commitment and usefulness, so we plough on! No one has received any expression of interest from anyone keen to be part of the Scottish GMPD Technical Panel. We would be keen to facilitate such interest. We are unsure of the date at which Panel members are to be annually (re)elected.


  • Special thanks to Fiona McDougall for such a good-looking Budget Report.

Sadly, at the end of the last financial year we are -£22.00. It was agreed to leave this standing as is, and Angela offered that GMPD Glasgow would cover a similar deficit this year.


In order to achieve a 'break even budget' entry fees for Scottish competitions are to be raised to £20. All agreed.


Coaches will pay for competition t-shirts separately in future.


Limited numbers of spectators attend these competitions – could this be increased?


Expenses are currently 25p per mile.





Date of next meeting: Thursday 8th September 5.30pm.





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