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IBLC11-Keynote-Supporting the teacher as blended learning innovator

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Nannayi Dakat
13 June 2011

Author: Professor Diana Laurillard


Teachers who wish to update and upgrade their teaching as blended learning have some difficult issues to confront, and we have to recognise that teachers deserve far more help with discovering how best to exploit digital methods.

The presentation starts from the premise that only teachers have the knowledge, experience, and appropriate context for developing the new forms of pedagogy made possible by digital learning methods. Effective use of learning technology will not come about unless teachers are at the helm of innovation.

But this is a huge demand on teachers: to discover how to use new types of technology, which are changing continually, alongside delivering more and better teaching also demanded of them. The presentation will argue that we need to pay more attention to supporting the teacher as innovator, and will propose the kinds of tools and resources that are needed to help them develop this new specialised knowledge and skill base.

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