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IBLC11-Keynote-Thinking Beyond the LMS: Considering the Possibilities

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Nannayi Dakat
13 June 2011

Authors: Susan Crichton and D’Arcy Norman


This presentation will explore issues and implications of moving an online course away from a traditional LMS. We will discuss how openness in philosophical approach to a course alters students' perceptions of the course experience, as well as their engagement with the course and its participants.

A case study will be presented, describing the process of moving a graduate level education course into a more open format, and resulting implications on the student/teacher relationship. A model for implementing an online course in a weblog platform such as WordPress will be described, as well as its effect on student engagement and activity in the course. The presenters will use Wagner's community of practice framework, as well as Garrison's community of inquiry model to describe and analyze various components of the course's online community interactions. The course experience will be described from the perspectives of the instructor, student, and technical advisor roles.

Implications for future course development will be discussed, including the need for a level of comfort with change and uncertainty, as well as shifting the teacher/student relationship toward a more student-centric and inquiry-based model.

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