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IBLC11-Keynote-From Challenge to change: how technology can transform curriculum delivery’

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Nannayi Dakat
13 June 2011

Authors: Lisa Gray and Marianne Sheppard


In 2008, the e-Learning Team of the Joint Information Systems Committee (JISC) launched a two-year programme, Transforming Curriculum Delivery Through Technology, which focused on the processes occurring when learners engage with a designed curriculum. This presentation will explore the outcomes and key messages arising from this significant body of work which concluded in autumn 2010.


Curriculum delivery in the context of the programme is used as shorthand to embrace the many ways in which learners are enabled to achieve the outcomes offered to them by a curriculum including teaching, learning support, advice and guidance, coaching, mentorship, peer and collaborative learning, feedback and assessment, personal development planning and tutoring and skills development and access to curriculum resources.


The 15 projects in the programme have explored how technology can address challenges across the full spectrum of such activities, at a department, subject or, in some cases, institutional level. Examples include enhancing the delivery of flexible learning programmes for work-based and remote learners, and revitalising the curriculum for campus-based learners. In the process, a wide variety of technologies has been investigated and a rich body of outputs produced. All resources are freely available to download or view on a web-based platform, the Design Studio [].


Most importantly, the programme provides clear evidence of the benefits made possible by technology, with themes of efficiency gains, learning and teaching enhancement and transformation of whole curricula and associated institutional practices coming to the fore.


The session will review some of the evidence arising from the programme, explore common threads in the work of the project teams before opening up discussion. Delegates will also receive a copy of a new guide outlining the achievements of and guidance from the project teams: ‘Transforming Curriculum Delivery through Technology: stories of challenge, benefit and change.

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