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Design-Practice Activity 5 - Version 1 (Course Map)

Post 'Using Technologies in Teaching' workshop activity

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Paul Mundin
13 June 2011

Following on from the workshop there is one final activity  we would like to invite you to participate in around the sharing of designs. As I mentioned on Friday there are two versions (we only want you to try one of the versions) of the activity which are available as Clouds. This Cloud contains the first version of the activity, the second version can be found here.

The first version option (if you haven’t already done so for Module 1 - Activity 4) is to look at the course (or one of the courses) you deliver as an AL and to ‘reverse’ it into a Course Map.

We don’t need to know the course code or course title just the general subject area.  You could download the template from Slideshare, update it with your course details, upload it to Slideshare , and embed the link to Slideshare in this Cloud. Or you could just write it as a list and ‘contribute’ it as a comment to the Cloud. We would welcome any comments you have about your experience of going through this process. You can add them to the Cloud.

If you would like to participate in either of these activities you will have until July 8th 2011 to share your Course Map with the Cloud, and comment on the Course Maps of other contributors. The Design-Practice leaning design Cloudscapes, Clouds and content will remain online after this date 

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