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Design-Practice Activity 5 - Version 2 (Designing a tutorial session using notation)

Post 'Using Technologies in Teaching' workshop activity

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Paul Mundin
13 June 2011

Alternatively you could look at designing a ‘map’ for a tutorial session (or part of a session) for the course you deliver as an AL. You could use the notation that Rebecca introduced (Mapping a design using learning design notation) at the workshop on Friday afternoon and map the links between e.g.:

  • Learning Outcomes
  • Tutor Activities
  • Student Activities
  • Tools
  • Resources
  • Assessment

You could draw it using pen and paper and take a photo of it, upload the photo to Flickr and embed the photo in the Cloud. We are also interested in your comments on your experience of the process of mapping your tutorial design.

 If you would like to participate in either of these activities you will have until July 8th 2011 to share your  Tutorial design with the Cloud, and comment on the designs of other contributors. The Design-Practice leaning design Cloudscapes, Clouds and content will remain online after this date 

Extra content

Embedded Content

Task swimlane for specific science activity

Task swimlane for specific science activity

Accessible Alternative
added by Isabella Brown

Another swimlane map for a tutorial planning session

Another swimlane map for a tutorial planning session

added by Isabella Brown

Compendium LD Swim Lane Map

Compendium LD Swim Lane Map

added by Alison Clayton-Smith

E111 Tutorial 1

E111 Tutorial 1

added by Genie Gabel-Dunk

e-tutorial design for a High Energy Astrophysics topic

e-tutorial design for a High Energy Astrophysics topic

added by Hara Papathanassiou


Isabella Brown
9:48pm 14 June 2011

I have tried to create 2 design maps using CompendiumLD notation. I would appreciate feedback on whether this is correct or not as I am not completely sure.  I have actually planned out the wording for each of these nodes separately which does seem to mean that there is 3 versions of the planning, which seems time input intensive and duplicating.

Interestingly I have put extra information on several nodes, which comes up as * but this is not visible on the jpg export.


Alison Clayton-Smith
1:55pm 23 June 2011

Well I'm very excited because a) I decided to try CompendiumLD and hopefully (though someone might give me feedback otherwise) I seem to have found my way round the basics, and b) I've managed to embed it from Slideshare. Although I'm not quite sure what the bit highlighted in yellow is - can anyone enlighten me? Like Isabella, would be good to hear if I'm on the right tracks with this, e.g. have I put too much detail in?

In terms of the process, I really enjoyed using CompendiumLD and preferred doing it on the PC than on paper funnily enough. Still not sure that I'd take the time to map learning activities like this as for me it doesn't add any more than what I have by doing my tutor notes/slides. As I have and would share these with other tutors, I don't know if the map adds anything extra/is easier, but maybe I just need to see more of this stuff in action before I know the value of it. Still, it was good fun!

Isabella Brown
4:02pm 27 June 2011

Alison - it looks fantastic! so much more neat and professional than my efforts.

Did you use tools or have activities?


Alison Clayton-Smith
3:27pm 28 June 2011

Thanks, Isabella but I think yours look equally neat and professional. When you say did I use tools or activities, I'm not too sure what you mean. Do you mean did I use a 'tools' and 'activity' symbol from CompendiumLD? The tutorial does involve activities, which are shown as tasks. In terms of tools, the session only really uses powerpoint (which I've shown as resources) and pen and paper, whereas I can see you're using wordle, wallwisher, etc. Actually I did use the Activity stencil - blue background that you've used for Elluminate tutorial - for my starting point and then the actual swimlane map is the detailed breakdown behind this - i.e. I can click on the Activity node and it brings up the swimlane. I probably haven't used it in the correct way. I wonder if the Stencils page and symobls are the high-level view.

Isabella Brown
4:20pm 28 June 2011

Hi Alison

Interesting one there - is PowerPoint a resource or a tool - I think you are probably correct in resource actually.

I think you are a step ahead from me if you have succeeded in using a stencil!!


Genie Gabel-Dunk
3:58pm 29 June 2011

I have developed the beginnings of a draft map focused on the design of the first tutorial of seven for the OU module, E111 Supporting learning in primary schools, which I teach in Region 13.  I am not completely satisfied with the result; but, it is a beginning.  In approaching the development of this map I noticed several components involved in my thinking processes:

firstly, I considered what I wanted to achieve: develop some working knowledge of CompendiumLD; be able to add the teaching session map using Slide Share or Flicker; how using a more visible and explicit method of planning teaching sessions might impact on my practice and the learning and development of the students with whom I work

secondly, experiment with a different format in planning for teaching sessions based on my experience of participating in the Learning Design Project (up until this point I have planned sessions using a text based format that I also use as a document that I send to students in advance of the teaching session as an agenda)

thirdly, consider online resources as an element embedded in my pedagogy and if this approach will benefit my personal professional development and the learning and development of the students with whom I am involved.

fourthly, using some of the new ideas that I have been exposed to, could I find ways of involving the students in the process of designing and evaluating teaching sessions; disseminate some of the Learning Design process that I am in the early stages of considering with other ALs in Region 13.

At this point I am not in the position to set aside additional time to explore the four considerations listed above in more depth; but, I am intellectually stimulated by the potential of some of the concepts and resources included in the Learning Design Project and it is my intention to set time aside in August and September to become more familiar with some of the resources available with the intention of approaching my teaching and working with students in a way that will extend my current practice and represent an experiment into the realm of the Learning Design process. 


Hara Papathanassiou
2:07pm 15 July 2011


My noble intention to pick up CompediumDL was thwarted by the lack of sufficient installation recommendations on the website (I have a tablet). In any case, I did not have the time after I received instructions to install it and go through my design to ensure conformity with the Compedium language.

The truth is that I have the toolcase of symbols rather generic for an e-tutorial.

I have produced my design which I have tried to provide here as "embeded content" through Slideshare.

It should appear under the title "e-tutorial design for a High Energy Astrophysics topic". I have actually

used it shortly after our practice day. 

I would like to add that there is no scope for the use of the full set of tools in a single e-tutorial.


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