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iSpot Local: bioblitzes and crowd-sourced digital data

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Rebecca Ferguson
14 June 2011

Presentation by Doug Clow at CALRG Conference 2011.

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Whole world of open educational resources, many are of good or high quality. Don't have learning activities driving motivation. Participatory learning is driven by interest - it is social, creative, active, open-ended and interesting. OERs alone tend not to be these things.

A bioblitz is a time-limited event, 24 hours or an afternoon, public come in and log as much wildlife as they can within a specific area, with experts on hand to help out. Great engagement andoutreach activity. Can be a good example of citizen science.

Firvst bioblitz happened recently outside Totnes.

Problems with bioblitzes in the past. Capture of data is not good (sometimes doesn't get into any formal recording system). Doesn't fit into any learning trajectory.

iSpot team conceive bioblitzes as key mediating events for co-creation and crowd-sourcing of digital content and learning.

Setting up a new site - iSpot local - to support six bioblitzes.

Problem with the first biblitz was that there was no Internet access because of the remote location.

Rebecca Ferguson
10:02 on 14 June 2011 (Edited 10:14 on 14 June 2011)

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Bioblitzes and crowd-sourced digital data

Bioblitzes and crowd-sourced digital data

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