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Investigating the potential of web 2.0 and OER for project based learning

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Doug Clow
14 June 2011

CALRG 2011 presentation by Tina  Wilson and Giselle Ferreira.

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Tina presenting. Under OLnet umbrella, HEA funding. Based on paper at Northampton University a few weeks ago.

M450 student project

Level 3, 60-pt course, 9 months; have email, telephone contact. Had FirstClass in first presentation, now VLE with closed forum. Must have studied specific Level 3 course before.

Uses free tools on OpenLearn LearningSpace. Also Open Forum in a learning club, pulled in OER for them there.

This report today about potential rather than actual use.

Research approach

Based on student feedback in 2008, 2009, 2010. Grounded theory.

Asked students whether various facilities might help with study - learning club, video conferencing, IM, mind mapping, private/public blog. Low numbers, but interest in mind mapping, video conferencing involving tutor; ranging down to very low interest in video conferencing between students without a tutor.

FlashMeeting used, can replay the video discussion.

More follow-on projects from HEA, and other work with CS students.

Jon: Not huge enthisiasm for students talking to each other. Because projects are individual projects?

Tina: Good point to raise. Work quite individually on their projects. This year on closed VLE forum, lot more discussion between the students, not just generic but are helping each other.

Jon: Students should be taking away generic skills, but persuading them of that may be hard.

Tina: Something in the questions asked, link to interview data.

Simon Cross: Around mind-mapping, and wording in question. Did you say mind-mapping, or online mind-mapping, or shared mind-mapping or something similar?

Tina: Was 'Would the use of mind-mapping tools have helped you in your study', not specific about online or not. Would be an inference would be online; didn't say would be OpenLearn tools.

Rebecca: Did you have open-ended questions?

Tina: Had comment section, have made some comments. One student said not keen to make contact with students because of the time factor.

Someone: One cohort was all male, you mentioned. Do you know about who signed up for the course, statistics?

Tina: Haven't brought out here, is in the published paper. Age range, gender, previous marks - I was tutor so could see what they had done.. In 2010 one was 73, two in early 20s. 

Doug Clow
13:38 on 14 June 2011

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