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Discussion: SofT-Scholarship of and for Teaching

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Lynda Davies
14 June 2011

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SofT-Scholarship of and for Teaching

SofT-Scholarship of and for Teaching

added by Lynda Davies


Chris Jones
11:09am 27 June 2011

Attending the first SofT briefing about the plan to allocate mentors to the new scholarship projects.

One of the issues will be making the outputs of scholarship visible across the OU and more widely. When will we have a content management system available?


martin smith
12:39pm 21 September 2011 (Edited 12:43pm 21 September 2011)

How are the different SOFT teams working? I've had my first meeting as 'mentor' with the FELS team looking at Integrating LORO into professional development of ALs - led by Tita Beavan and Anna Comas-Quinn. Their team is made up of regional and central staff and they are working through a combination of a forum, a wiki and Elluminate sessions for their planning work with only the occasional face-face meeting.


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