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Workshop: Post workshop discussion cloud

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Paul Mundin
16 June 2011

Please use this Cloud for any discussion of the workshop you would like to raise.

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Rebecca Galley
4:14pm 7 July 2011

You may have seen this but in case you haven't this is a link to an OU Guide for creating great Elluminate tutorials. Created by a parallel JISC curriculum delivery project (Atelier-D)

There's a nice CompendiumLD map of a MCT tutorial at the end.


Isabella Brown
3:21pm 13 July 2011

I hadn't seen that before Rebecca and it is VERY useful, especially as i will be doing an extended justification of the use of Elluminate as a technology over the next few months.



Rebecca Galley
7:51am 14 July 2011

Interesting! I know FELS have done some evaluation of using Elluminate for teaching and assessing language students which may be of interest too. Rebecca

Isabella Brown
2:22pm 15 July 2011

It would - any idea where i can find the info?


Rebecca Galley
2:43pm 15 July 2011

Hi Isabella, I attended an eLearning Community presentation a month or so ago where Perry presented his findings. The eL community KN page is and you can get to the presentation from there  (sorry non-OU folk the KN is a closed space). R

Isabella Brown
7:57am 16 July 2011

Hi again

I have found and bookmarked and subscribed to the EL KN page but at the moment cannot find that presentation. i don't know whether it is because i am not accessing from within the OU campus or not?


Rebecca Galley
8:22am 18 July 2011

Hi Isabella - I've just found that there was Cloud set up for the eLearning event with a link to the Stadium recording here. Also, I found a link to another presentation by the same group for the OU Education and technology special interest group (10 Mar 2011 - Simon Cross, John Pettit, Susie West and Perry Williams - Introducing Elluminate: key ways to support ALs). Let me know if you can't access these. R

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