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Group 11

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Ron Beach
21 June 2011

*Group 11

Our Vision

A community knowledgeable on how to prevent and reduce the harms associated with substance and process addictions.

Our Goal

Advocate within our own environments to increase awareness of the resources, supports and continuum of care that begins with prevention and early identification.

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Ron Beach
9:26pm 21 June 2011 (Edited 9:30pm 21 June 2011)

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Ron Beach
9:26pm 21 June 2011

View of Prevention:   Actions taken to prevent the development and reduce the harms associated with alcohol, other drug, and gambling problems with a specific focus on increasing protective factors and reducing risk factors associated with the development of these problems. Based on Health Canada's Drug Strategy
  • Coalition Connect event- The sixth annual Coalitions Connect Towards a Culture of Moderation brought together 114 representatives from 42 of the 67 community drug coalitions, Alberta Health Services zone and provincial staff. Participants were supported to move towards a culture of moderation through the use of effective education and marketing strategies, community policy and partnerships and regulatory practices at a local level.
  • Community  Addiction Prevention Projects. Twelve projects selected for this year will bring community partners together to identify, plan and implement projects that support addiction prevention in support of this year’s theme; “Alcohol:  Toward a Culture of Moderation”  Priority was given to projects focusing on prevention and reducing alcohol related harms through one or more of the following strategies:
  1. Promote healthy perceptions, attitudes and behaviors toward alcohol use
  2. Encourage social responsibility in the service of beverage alcohol in the community
  3. Foster the development of context-specific alcohol policies (school, workplace, postsecondary, municipal)
  4. Create or expand harm reduction programs for alcohol


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