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Library and Information Skills Teaching

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Sarah Crossland
27 June 2011

The role of the traditional 'academic librarian' it could be argued has always been in a state of flux, but never more so than with the advent of web 2.0, which has significant  implications for how we teach library and information skills (LIS). Given the amount of good quality resources that are out there, we as professionals need to find a balance between constantly reinventing the wheel (let's face it, who has time) and sharing resources which will enrich taught sessions, but also act as revision aids for students throughout their chosen course of study.

Digital information literacy and plagiarism in a web 2.0 world are areas which force us to constantly 'shift' our position in terms of how we provide instructional and supportive information to students, who struggle with prescriptive rules governing the use of electronic resources in an age that appears to have no boundaries, certainly for students who have grown up 'immersed' certainly in mobile technologies, but have limited skills in utilising and understanding the complex indexing; abstracting & full-text systems managed by library services.

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University of Leicester Open Educational Resources (Study Skills)

University of Leicester Open Educational Resources (Study Skills)

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