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About the Work-based Learning Maturity Toolkit

Cloud created by:

Peter Chatterton
27 June 2011

This toolkit aims to help institutions, faculties, schools, departments, and programme teams to:

  • Better understand what "maturity" in work-based learning (WBL) looks like.
  • Assess their own maturity in WBL.
  • Improve their strategies and plans for WBL.

 Why is it needed?

  • Good practice in pedagogic models, use of ICT, partnership working and how best for institutions to “prepare for WBL” is slowly emerging but not widespread.
  • Those institutions more experienced in WBL can distil their knowledge into a maturity toolkit to help others.
  • The HE/FE sectors now have the necessary experience in developing and using maturity toolkits (e.g. the national e-learning benchmarking initiative).

 How will users benefit from using the Toolkit?

Users (institutions, faculties, schools, departments, and programme teams) will be able to identify:

  • Appropriate organisational and business approaches toward WBL, including how best to measure impact, costs and benefits.
  • How to enhance learning, teaching & assessment with WBL pedagogies and use of blended learning techniques.
  • How to update organisational processes and systems e.g. QA-QE and support processes.
  • How to provide a quality experience for staff and students e.g. through training and support services.

 What does the toolkit comprise?

  • Guide to using the toolkit.
  • Criteria and level statements of performance.
  • Resources.
  • Creative Commons Licence.

 Who were the development partners?

  • Universities of Bradford, Middlesex & Westminster and UWIC.
  • Craven College
  • ELRAH (Edinburgh, Lothians , Fife and Borders Regional Articulation Hub)
  • JISC
  • Peter Chatterton

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