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More on using Cloudworks for K802 (2011)

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K802 Module Team
11 August 2011


Clouds have three tabs: Discussion, Links and Academic References. Depending on the tab you choose, you can view and post discussions, links and references.

Important: Don't forget to use all three tabs, and bear in mind that the content of a Cloud is not always visible at a single glance. 


The default view of the 'Contribute' section shows the Discussion tab, like this:


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Please remember the general guidance in the 'Using Cloudworks in K802' Cloud.

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Kamilla Tamiollo
4:44pm 30 October 2011

A decade ago the NSPCC campaigned for children to be given the same protection as adults and to make all forms of physical punishment illegal, including 'smacking'. Ten years on Europe is pressurising Britain for a smacking ban on human rights grounds.  This is an interesting topic which continues to be of controversy. 





Kamilla Tamiollo
4:46pm 30 October 2011

Mary Selby has provided an updated document on child protection and safeguarding giving advice about making decisions if and when children are at risk.  The article revises areas that have been covered by child protection courses but it provides a useful summary about child protection and safeguarding as it discusses the different aspects of  the difficulties in interpreting whether abuse has taken place etc.. 

Kamilla Tamiollo


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